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“The administration personnel with CHEERS have been a pleasure to work with. Any questions or issues are quickly addressed by Juanita and the team and their customer service is unmatched. The registry is very direct and easy to navigate and the fact that new features are added to simplify and accelerate the process shows the commitment to always provide the best service. We are thankful for all the support and hard work CHEERS has provided to our staff.”

Daniel Ramirez, Owner, Accurate Energy Ratings

"The CHEERS team has been a pleasure to work with. Their help desk personnel are professional, friendly, helpful, and most importantly very prompt! The registry itself is straight forward and very easy to use, and time-saving new features are added all the time. CHEERS is very customer focused and highly motivated to better serve their customers and improve their product."

Amber Mahrou, Regional Vice President, Energy Inspectors

“I really appreciate the excellent service Cheers provides for our company. The response time is incredible on tech support issues. Juanita is very knowledgeable and will be certain your issue is resolved. Thanks for your business.”

Chris Trujillo, HERS Rater, Hasco Heating Air Conditioning Service Company

“I just want to let you know about our experiences with your CHEERS Online Training. We hire a HERS rater as a trainee, and it is very advantageous to provide them a mix of hands-on field training working with an experienced HERS rater. We then provide the opportunity to spend time in a structured setting to gain CHEERS’ knowledge of the Energy Code and HERS provider requirements from the CHEERS online training. This provides opportunity for a trainee to work in the field one day, then work on the online training the next. This allows us maximum flexibility, based on the field workloads and needs of the candidate, for efficient training.”

Mike Lehr, Field Operations Manager, DuctTesters, Inc.

“CHEERS is Top-Notch when it comes to 2013 T24 Builder Code Training sessions! They have been a HUGE resource for us and our builder/developer clients.”

Kim Herrera, Sales & Marketing Manager, Gouvis Engineering

"I was really disappointed when the original CHEERS crew could not comply with the CEC requirements for their registry. However, after dealing with CHEERS and taking the challenge test, I feel satisfied with your success of the registry. Your team at the "new" CHEERS is dedicated in solving problems and making a more satisfying experience on the registry. Your direction and mission is much more complete in offering users easy access and navigation in the registry. I am looking forward to working with you and your team in the future."

Rick Maurer, Owner, Title 24, Inc.