Contractors & Installers

Contractors and Installers

Homeowners are becoming more energy savvy. In fact, they have started to ask about energy standard compliance, system pre-testing, duct testing and verification. Here in California we know they're asking more questions because the energy industry is spending millions to inform homeowners. The more they know about energy efficiency, the better it is for your bottom line.

Together with CHEERS, you'll be helping your customer enhance the year-round comfort of the home, lower monthly utility bills and add to the home's resale value. You can also explain how the work you and CHEERS will do can help the homeowner refinance the home with an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

CHEERS enables contractors and installer to easily register you installation forms in the CHEERS registry. CHEERS also offers you easy-to-navigate features, which allows quick review of the data and effortless information retrieval needed in order to complete a job.

The CHEERS team is completely committed to providing you with exceptional customer service to meet your needs. Making your experience as pleasant and productive as possible is what CHEERS is dedicated to provide.

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