CHEERS has been helping builders throughout California for over 25 years.

As a builder, you have to pay attention to hundreds of details including legal, planning, architectural, hiring staff and contractors, scheduling and much more. But, while we don’t handle all of them, we do eliminate the hassles of meeting California’s energy efficiency requirements. Our job is make sure the homes you build are tested, rated and certified to their specified energy efficiency design standards.

CHEERS Certified Raters are highly skilled building efficiency professionals who are extensively trained to perform inspections, verification and certification of energy features of new and existing single-family, multi-family and commercial buildings in accordance with the California Energy Commission’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards. A CHEERS Certified HERS Rater will prove to be one of your most highly valued trade partners on your team of experts.


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How Do CHEERS Certified HERS Raters Help Builders?

  • Ensure Title 24 Code Compliance
  • Train HERS Raters, Site Superintendents and Subcontractors on Proper Installation of Energy Measures
  • Ensure Compliance With Efficiency Programs That Offer Builder Incentives.
  • Ensure Builders Get The Energy Efficiency They Pay For
  • Provide Quality Assurance Support
  • Certify Homes Which May Qualify For:
    • Homeowner Energy Efficient Mortgages
    • Builder Utility Rebates
    • Builder Tax Credits

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